about us

tinsley {tins-lee} n.
a “family of individual talents” that work together tirelessly as a trusted resource
while providing unmatched service, dedication & commitment.


Experiences shape you. Events and influences mold you. Over time, who you truly are at your core becomes more apparent. While this concept is commonly understood on a personal level, the same proves true for a business. Each business is unique. Each business has personality. We’re no exception: It’s our growth and learning experiences over our nearly 20-year history that have positively shaped us into who we are, and further amplify who we have always been.

So…“who are we,” you ask? We’re Tinsley Creative. An award-winning, full-service creative and marketing services firm with the necessary talents and tools to elevate your business. Our team is partner-focused, result-driven and determined. We present a talented, group of creative professionals that best of all, are down-to-earth and make the agency relationship fun.

We are truly passionate about what we do and who we partner with. It’s about “dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s,” and knowing that at the end of the day it’s all about the relationship and growing your brand.

a word from our clients

Donovan Tinsley

donovan tinsley

president / brand executive

Mark Jerkins

mark jerkins

vice president / brand executive

MaryJane Ragusa

maryjane ragusa

brand manager

Amanda Clevenger

amanda clevenger

manager of brand operations

Chris Nichols

chris nichols

director of brand development

Anthony Sassano

anthony sassano

brand developer

Joy DeHaven

joy dehaven

brand developer

Joe Angrisano

joe angrisano

digital brand developer

Meghn Hill

meghn hill

digital brand developer

Bill Tinsley

bill tinsley

agency development