about us

tinsley {tins-lee} n.
a “family of individual talents” that work together tirelessly as a trusted resource
while providing unmatched service, dedication & commitment.


Experiences shape you. Events and influences mold you. Over time, who you truly are at your core becomes more apparent. While this concept is commonly understood on a personal level, the same proves true for a business. Each business is unique. Each business has personality. We’re no exception: It’s our growth and learning experiences over our nearly 20-year history that have positively shaped us into who we are, and further amplify who we have always been.

So…“who are we,” you ask? We’re Tinsley Creative. An award-winning, full-service creative and marketing services firm with the necessary talents and tools to elevate your business. Our team is partner-focused, result-driven and determined. We present a talented, group of creative professionals that best of all, are down-to-earth and make the agency relationship fun.

We are truly passionate about what we do and who we partner with. It’s about “dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s,” and knowing that at the end of the day it’s all about the relationship and growing your brand.

a word from our clients

Citizens Bank & Trust

“Tinsley Creative has provided service to us for the past 12 years and has done an outstanding job with the bank experiencing unprecedented growth. Their team is exceptionally creative, hardworking, and always insists upon and produces the highest level of service.”

Greg Littleton

President and CEO - Citizens Bank & Trust

Citrus Connection

“Lakeland Area Mass Transit District has worked with Tinsley Creative for 13 years and we are very satisfied with the efficiency, attention to detail, and dedication we have received during this time. While they are a small company, they support all of our large projects and our ideas for the future.

Tinsley Creative is an ease to work with and have become a huge part of our success and our transit family.”

Tom Phillips

Executive Director - Citrus Connection


“We are extremely happy with the work that Tinsley Creative has done for our new brand. It was the first time that we had hired an advertising firm in the history of our company, and that had us a bit nervous. However, we could not be more pleased with the rebranding process. We love our new logo and brand assets. They took the time to learn our team and our industry, creating a smooth transition from start to finish.”

Lorraine Mabe

Owner - MABE Audio Video Lighting


“You’re hard-pressed to find a long-standing relationship, much less a long-standing agency/client relationship in the world we live in today—but Tinsley Creative is different from other agencies. They’re dedicated, loyal, and have offered proven results for us over the past 18 years. They’ve helped guide us and elevate our brand, both winning and outside our industry. They are like an extension of our family, and we are proud to be partnered together with them.”

Dave Wallace

VP of Operations - Scout Boats, Inc.

RP Funding Center

“We have been utilizing Tinsley Creative for over 2 years in the design and creation of advertising and marketing materials in support of our events and the enhancement of our brand identity. We have been completely satisfied with their performance. They are easy to work with, professional in their approach, and are able to effectively communicate their concepts as well as take direction in sharing our vision.”

Scott Sloman

Assistant Director/Booking Manager - RP Funding Center

Rodda Construction

“We have had the pleasure of working with Tinsley Creative for over 17 years, and have always found them to be dedicated to each project with unwavering efficiency and creativity. They have consistently delivered a product consistent with our vision, to promote and protect our brand. They are an excellent choice as a marketing partner, and have always delivered with a level of service that has built trust and confidence.”

Jason Rodda

President - Rodda Construction, Inc.


“We realized that our customers may not necessarily understand the breadth of services that we offer, so we sought out a marketing firm to help us solve that problem. Tinsley Creative has made a great effort in keeping us with the times, and being present in the digital marketing arena—which is somewhere that we’ve never really been. We are thrilled with the response that we have gotten, in such a short time.”

Lane Hickey-Wiggins

President & CEO - DPrint International

“This team continually shows me an amazing medley of creativity and entrepreneurial ingenuity, with an exceptional ability to relate to my art, my vision, and me. They have been extraordinary from the beginning and are opening the door to new possibilities with every step we take in this adventure!”

Rachelle Eason


Donovan Tinsley

donovan tinsley


Mark Jerkins

mark jerkins

vice president

Mary Breidenbach

mary breidenbach

vice president of operations

Brittany Huey

brittany huey

art director

Anthony Sassano

anthony sassano

senior designer

Joy DeHaven

joy dehaven


Olivia Duval

olivia duval


Bill Tinsley

bill tinsley

agency development

Joe Angrisano

joe angrisano

web developer