Tip Line

I recently attended a local event. Beautiful weather, big crowd, fun times. Food vendors all around, and it was about that time so I got in line. The guy in front of me placed his order; vendor gave him the total. He pulls out the wallet, thumbs through some cash, hands her a $20. The vendor takes his Jackson, yells out the order to her carney-food counterpart, and then digs in the register for the gentleman’s change.

Ft. Lauderdale International Boat Show

I recently traveled down to the Ft. Lauderdale International Boat Show to represent one of our clients in the marine industry.

Advantages of Strong Brand Equity

Brand Equity has a value that should not be underestimated. Strong brand identity can bring your organization very real and measurable business benefits. Consider the opportunity for better and increased….

Remarkable and Inspiring

This week, we sadly lost the beloved patriarch of our family…Harold William Tinsley.

Agency Life

No matter what company you work for, being in marketing always revolves around tight deadlines and projects due yesterday. The funny thing about all this chaos is those of us in marketing, are always begging for more and it’s well known in this industry, the cream of the crop exist within agencies.

A look at Digital Branding

To stay relevant in today’s world your brand has to stay engaged and let’s face it, social media has made it pretty easy to do so. But, how do you do it and do it correctly?

“Man’s Best Friend(s)”: his dog, and his marketing partner.

For those of you that know me, I tend to reference situations with analogies. Something I’ve always done. To me, the decoding and encoding of communication is important, yet vastly different how we all use and personally interpret information. The analogy aspect of that process simplifies understanding and can break the message down to help people relate better to the subject matter at hand. And often times, the analogy is injected with a touch of humor which I believe can always assist with making a connection with someone. Or in this case…some “thing”.