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By Mark Jerkins
Vice President of Tinsley Creative

This week, we sadly lost the beloved patriarch of our family…Harold William Tinsley.

We’re dedicating this blog to him. And for most of you who know our Tinsley family, he was “Dad” to Uncle Bill, Uncle Larry, Uncle Mike, and Mom (Vickie) – and he was “Granddaddy” to Donovan, myself, and our cousins. Actually, he was affectionately referred to as Granddaddy by most of our friends who had the pleasure of meeting him along the way.

The first unspoken question most have is “was it expected”? The answer is both yes and no. No, in regards to his health. Granddaddy just turned 91 in May, but you’d never know he was 91. He was still farm-boy strong and as healthy as a man 30 years his junior. He was in the gym three times a week, which entailed both working out, and fellowship of course. He was a regular at his church, a regular at visitations, a regular at having nothing but a kind word for everyone. Which isn’t really regular at all in today’s times. He was beyond special. Yes, it was expected, from a spiritual standpoint. God was ready for him. And his time came.

Our grandfather touched countless lives; both of those he knew and those he had just met. He knew no stranger. And as Donovan and I reflected on stories to help relieve the pain of the loss and celebrate his life, we recalled that we couldn’t even remember a time when he raised his voice. As grandkids, we can say that. Our parents and their siblings that grew up pranksters on the farm could probably find disagreement in that statement at some point in their early lives. But he filled a room with joy, praise, and after you spoke with him, you walked away taller somehow. He could instill joy and diminish pain in anyone. His velvet, deep tone could capture a room, and he could deliver a message before you even knew it was coming. And if I had to hazard a guess on what words he used the most with people, it would be a tie between “Bless you” and “God loves you.”

The man could deliver a punchline. He would share a story, hooking you from the beginning, and then right at the end he would lean into you…raise his hands…clinch them like he was grabbing your heart, and with a pause, he would speak his last line, followed by an intoxicating laugh. He had you.

He watched over our family, loved his wife, the Bible, golf and apple pie with ice cream. And as he aged, Granddaddy sat back and smiled with so much thankfulness and joy in his heart for his family. Not for their accomplishments…but for the people they had become.

So how does all this equate to a useful blog? It’s simple. We’re Tinsley’s. Even though not everyone here has theGranddaddy Tinsley last name, we all share the Tinsley code. Treat others with respect. Your word is your honor. Want to do more for others rather than need to do things for yourself. That’s how we approach every day, before, during and after “business hours”. And because of that, we have the honor of keeping Granddaddy’s spirit alive. There’s a little bit of him in all of us who came across his path, and that in itself is the true gift he leaves behind. A real man with shoes we could never fill, but a legacy we will continue.

We love you, Granddaddy.

Mark Jerkins

Mark Jerkins

vice president – account services/media relations at Tinsley Creative
Mark brings 15+ years of expertise in numerous branding and marketing initiatives to the team. Mark’s experience includes brand consulting, public relations, media planning & buying, social media and copywriting in numerous industries including marine, software technology, insurance, residential and commercial real estate, food and beverage, healthcare, fragrance and law to name a few. Bringing a sharp awareness and common sense approach to marketing objectives – as well as a successful track record of consultation, promotion and implementation of numerous campaigns throughout his career – Mark has become an integral partner for his clients.
Mark Jerkins

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