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By Elizabeth Graham
Creative Director of Tinsley Creative

No matter what company you work for, being in marketing always revolves around tight deadlines and projects due yesterday. The funny thing about all this chaos is those of us in marketing, are always begging for more and it’s well known in this industry, the cream of the crop exist within agencies. So, when the opportunity presented itself to go from corporate life to agency life, I definitely took the chance and didn’t even think twice when I was warned the word “life” would soon fail to exist in my vocablulary. But without second thought, I excitingly accepted the challenge and jumped in head first.

My first two weeks at Tinsley Creative truly silenced me. I went from being someone, who always had something to say, to suddenly being speechless as my brain constantly tried to catch up. From the client list, to the project management system to a constant stream of new business, my head was suddenly on a swivel. The rumors held true… agency life is not for the weak minded.

The only thing to do was jump right in. Right away, I met with new clients, took on new projects, and pretty much hit the ground running – but the beauty of it is that I never at one point felt unsupported or that I was being left to drown. I think there are plenty of agencies that easily lose touch with the personal aspect of relationship building but from day one, the entire team has gone above and beyond to get me up to speed and make me feel comfortable. Within no time, I quickly saw that this is an environment where talented people come together to do fantastic things and produce results – a place that is the true embodiment of the phrase work hard, play hard.

I’m very excited about the future — in the three weeks that I’ve been here, I’ve learned that when you do what you love and surround yourself with like-minded people, it’s no longer work. Everyday, I get to come here and create ideas with people who truly understand  greatness. I feel appreciated and valued and most importantly, I feel part of a team that’s reaching beyond client expectations and bringing amazing ideas to the forefront. It’s going to be a great year and I’m especially excited to meet new clients and make Tinsley Creative their home as well as mine.

Elizabeth Graham

Elizabeth Graham

creative director at Tinsley Creative
Elizabeth is responsible for driving the creative momentum for the agency. Armed with a Mass Communications degree focused on journalism and web design from the University of South Florida, she began her career at Home Shopping Network (HSN), a leading interactive entertainment/lifestyle retailer in Florida. As she developed communication strategies such as websites and video production for product sales support, her knowledge base and expertise on brand development and management expanded exponentially.
Elizabeth Graham

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